Important note: This campaign has no connection with Yuzuru Hanyu himself or his entourage ! This is a fan lead initaitive. 

Dear Yuzuru Hanyu fans all over the world,

Don't we all miss to see hundreds of Pooh-sans, toys and presents cover the ice rink again? And don't we miss the proud and joy we feel when knowing that after this great man's every performance, so many children will also be happy because Yuzuru will donate these toys and presents to children who need them? 

I do. And it really makes me sad to know that we won't be able to witness the Pooh rain during the coming World Championship in Stockholm. As a mother of 2 children myself, seeing so many Pooh-sans and toys waiting for their new owners to make happy, always made me smile. But knowing that because of COVID there will not be any audience at the Worlds this year and hence there will be nothing for the children, made me feel sad. 

Maybe we can twist the reality and create our own happy universe. Let's then be in Stockholm in spirit to support Yuzuru and let's give hope to  children and let's keep the Teddy Bear rain going! 


1) You can make cash donations
2) You can buy a teddy bear online and send it to Stockholm which will help a child in need
3) You can send toys, presents to children in need. 

I) CASH DONATIONS: to Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Stockholm where the most seriously ill children from all over the country are treated. They care for children with chronic diseases, acute conditions and premature babies. They have a Foundation which I contacted personally and they are waiting for us, Yuzuru fans! 

The Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital
IBAN-account number: SE9350000000052111005371 

Bic-kod/Swift: ESSESESS

Swish: 123 290 95 62

You can confirm the information and other details that you may need on their webpage here. Every dollar/euro that you send will be used for the benefit of children

II) đź§¸YOU CAN BUY AND SEND A TEDDY BEAR TO STOCKHOLM from wherever you are and it will reach to a child in need. This is how we can recreate an actual Pooh rain even if we are thousands of kilometers apart! All you have to do is to order a teddy bear online here. Teddy Kompaniet is working in collaboration with Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital and they are donating 20 Swedish Kronas in cash to the Foundation for every teddy bear purchased. The rest of their revenues from the sales of these bears are also being used for the benefit of the hospital: i.e. Teddy Kompaniet organizes activities and special days for children. When you want to order and send a plushy from this web page, you have to enter a delivery adress in Sweden and for this, I have been advised to give the address of Women's and Children's Shelter in Vallentuna, Stockholm, where women and children who have escaped from domestic violence are staying. So, with this option you will both be making children happy by sending them teddy bears and donating money to the hospital. 

The page is in Swedish and if you don't have automatic Google Translate option, here is some help: 

2) choose a color : 
Färg (color)
VIT (white)
BRUN (braun)

3) choose the amount by clicking upper or lower arrows next to the bar where it says LĂ„G I KORGEN (Add to the basket) . 149 Swedish Kronas (SEK) = 17,8 USD

4) click on LĂ„G I KORGEN button once you have decided how many bears you wish to send

5) next page will give you the Total Summa (Total Summ) of your order. If it is the correct amount, then proceed to check out by clicking TILL KASSAN (To Check out) 

6) on the next page you should chose Frakt (shipping by cargo). Otherwise the bears will have to be picked from the hospital. Shipping option adds 49 Swedish Kronas (about 5,8 USD) to the total amount. 

7) now you will enter the delivery adress. Please type in your own email adress for confirmation of the purchase and to track the delivery. The orders are delivered within 3-5 days. Other details are: 

Dina uppgifter
Adressen ska vara i Sverige.
(Your information
The address must be in Sweden.)

Mejladress : please write your own email here
Email adress

Postnummer : 186 23 (postal code of the shelter)

Förnamn: Kvinno- & tjejjouren (Name of the shelter) 
First Name

Efternamn: Vallentuna (the district)

Adress : BOX 170

Ort: Vallentuna

Telefonnummer: 08 511 790 33
Phone number

Now click FORTSTATT (Continue) to proceed to payment 

8) Now we are at Betalningssätt (Payment method) 

Please choose "Betala med kort" (Payment by card), for the other option you need Swedish cards etc. "Fyll i kortuppgifter" means "Fill in Card details"

Kortnummer : please enter your 16 digit credit card number 
Card number 

MM/AA (valid until): 

CVC (your 3 digit card security code): please enter the 3 digit number at the back of your credit card


9) to complete purchase click on SLUTFĂ–R KĂ–P (complete purchase) 


If you have done everything correctly, then a message will pop up:

Tack för din beställning!

Vi har tagit emot din beställning och du kommer inom kort få en beställningsbekräftelse till din mail.

Thanks for your order!
We have received your order and you will shortly receive an order confirmation in your email.

Check your email, you will get the confirmation email immediately.

The shelter is already being contacted and they know that every Teddy Bear sent is coming from a Yuzuru Hanyu fan.

III) SEND PRESENTS OR TOYS TO THE CHILDREN AT THE SHELTER DIRECTLY: Don't hesitate if you want to send something that will cheer children up! These children have witnessed domestic violence and they need to rebuild trust in people. The shelter also supports the idea. Their address is: 

Kvinno- & tjejjouren i Vallentuna (you can check their webpage too, but it is in Swedish)
Box 170
186 23 Vallentuna
Telefon: 08 511 790 33

When you send something by post or courier, don't forget to indicate that it is a present. Otherwise the shelter will have to pay custom duties or never receive the presents!

Let's prove that Yuzuru fans are the best and they are always there to support him. Let him and children feel our love and support, under any circumstance. 

Love to you all and thank you in advance
Senem Gencer 

Follow the campaign on social media:


  1. Replies
    1. Hello HanFlo, sorry for the late reply ! It's great that we have you and thanks for the support. If you are Swedish, then perhaps you can help us reach more people in Sweden who can contribute to the campaign. You can use your social media if you want. Content in native language always helps.
      If this damn COVID did not restrict our lives, I was going to be in Stockholm to watch Yuzuru live. How unfortunate times for everyone in so many different levels...
      Take care, Senem

    2. Hi Senem! No worries at all about replying late. Yes, I'm Swedish and would love to help by spreading the word, but I'm afraid I don't know any figure skating fans so posting about the campaign on my social media would unfortunately be to no avail. Also, there's no need to worry about the text not being written in Sweden - most Swedes are really good at English.

      Yes, Covid-19 is really unfortunate in so many ways. I have to admit that it hurts not being able to watch Worlds live on site, but of course health and safety is so much more important.

      All the best!

  2. I am having trouble trying to format the address in Amazon... I'm from the US and I am not used to how Swedish addresses look and I don't want to send my gift to the wrong place.

    1. I'm Swedish. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    2. Oh my gosh thank you!
      If you can telll me what to put in this order I would really appreciate it :)
      -Street Address (Street name and number)
      - Postcode
      I just want to make sure I put everything right. Thanx again!

    3. Ordinary Swedish addresses doesn't quite look like the one to be used to send gifts to the hospital. Normally, a street name and number is included. That is not, however, the case for most institutes, government agencies, universities and the like. So, to answer your question:

      - leave street address blank, if possible
      - c/o: put "c/o Karolinska University Hospital A1:05"
      - postcode: put "171 76"
      - city: put "Stockholm"

      Hope this helps!

    4. I can't add the shipping address without the street address on Amazon... It says I need one :(

    5. I see. Then I suggest you try to evade the problem by stating "c/o Karolinska University Hospital A1:05" on street address and leave c/o blank.

    6. I ordered Winnies thru Amazon, and putting 'c/o Karolinska University.....' worked for me, got notice today they are on their way to Sweden!

  3. Excellent idea! Teddy bear is on its way to the women's shelter

    1. That's very generous of you Lena, thanks! Children in both the shelter and the hospital will benefit from your donation.

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